{ Battle.net Mobile Authenticator Decoder } by Creased

Whole process is done on your side, thus no data is collected! Feel free to use/share/fork it and don't hesitate to contribute!


  1. Install Android Debugger from the Android SDK
  2. Get the string value of "com.blizzard.bma.AUTH_STORE.HASH" from Battle.net Mobile Authenticator configuration file:
    adb root
    adb shell cat /data/data/com.blizzard.bma/shared_prefs/com.blizzard.bma.AUTH_STORE.xml
  3. Decrypt your token using this tool
  4. Get your Base32 token and go to OTP QR-Code Generator
  5. Select "Blizzard" template and generate a QR-Code using the decoded Base32 token as the secret
  6. Enjoy your Battle.net Mobile Authenticator from FreeOTP